Sad Jester Games is a humble small indie team made of obsessive and experienced developers, with a passion to create fantastic projects we first of all enjoy ourselves. After having created two small (but intense) games for everyone to enjoy for free, we’ve decided to move onto PC game development. We hope this to be the first of many exciting games we want to share with you and all avid gamers around the universe.


Game Designer

With more than 10 years of freelance experience as Writer, Game Designer, Creative Director and Project Manager, it’s time to explore the depths of indie gaming, the secret passion I’ve always treasured.




There is no day. There is no night. There is no food. There is no sleep. Only ideas to implement. Gameplays to prototype. Bugs to fix. There is no sanity. Only constant, merciless coding.


The team page would not be complete without thanking our special Silly BetaJester, our families and friends that support us with their love, advices and patience… a lot of patience!


\m/  THANK YOU!  \m/